Kumpulan Trik Buat Aman Berkendara Saat Musim Penghujan

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Automotive News - The rainy season is coming soon. For owners of motorcycles, it is time to return attention to the various components of the vehicle, so that when it rains mounts in prime condition.

However, to ignore these aspects, there is the possibility of your trip interrupted. Of course, bother at all if the motor broke down in the rain, especially if it occurs in a deserted place.

Well, bikers, here are some of the components of the motor you should note that the mounts stay fit during the rainy season. See also otomania  modifications to the motor,  motor price

Cop busi

One component that often makes the motor strike is wet spark plugs. In the rainy season, this potential increase many fold. Moreover, if the cop / spark plug cover is not tight. Therefore, make sure these parts are still in good condition, so it does not enter the water splashes.


In the dry season, the disc brake components usually found debris, such as dust or sand. If cleared, so the brakes do not work optimally. Therefore, make sure these components are kept clean. Do not forget to also check out the dregs of the brake. If thinning, immediately change so that its performance is excellent.


Other components to consider are the tires. Entering the rainy season, it is advisable to use the appropriate tires, the tire unidirectional. Unidirectional tire characteristic is to have a V-shaped palms or darts. This type of development is more effective in breaking the water. There is also our article on  car prices,  car modification


Under conditions of rain, visibility will be limited biker. Therefore, the main lights so other essential components in welcoming the rainy season. Make sure the lights are still in good condition. If needed, bikers can add a light mist or fog.

Of course, in addition to Asses a component of the body's own bikers must consider if you want to bypass the rain. Besides raincoats, helmets use the same anti-dew, and remain cautious while driving. Source:  otoracing.com

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